Aa Mil Yaar Saar Le Meri

Aa Mil Yaar Saar Le Meri Lyrics with English Translation

Aa Mil Yaar Saar Le Meri, Meri Jaan Dukhaan Nay Gheri

Andar Khwaab Vichoda Hoya, Khabar Na Paindi Teri.
Sunji Ban Vich Lutti Sai’een, Chor Shaang Ne Gheri.

Mullah Qazi Sahnu Raah Bataavan, Dein Dharam De Phere.
Eh Taan Thug Ne Jag De Jheevar, Laavan Jaal Chufere.

Karam Shar’a De Dharam Bataavan, Sangal Paavan Paireen,
Zaat Mazhab Eh Ishq Na Puchhda, Ishq Shar’a Da Vairi.

Nadeeyon Paar Mulak Sajan Da, Lobh Lahar Ne Gheri,
Satgur Beddi Phaddi Khalote, Tain Kyun Layi e Deri.

Bulla Shah Shauh Tainu Milsi, Dil Nu Deh Daleri,
Preetam Paas Te Tolana Kisnu, Bhulliyon Sikhar Dupehri.

Aa Mil Yaar Saar Le Meri, Meri Jaan Dukhaan Ne Gheri.

English Translation:
Come, Friend, come to my help –
my life is steeped in troubles!

In a dream, I became separated from you;
on waking, I could not find you.
Alone in a jungle, I have been robbed, O Lord,
and thieves and dacoits surround me.

Mullahs and qazis lead me astray
through a maze of religious rituals.
They are like bird hunters and thugs
who have laid their nets everywhere.

They preach the so-called ways of piety –
which are chains around my feet.
Love cares not for caste or creed;
it is the opposite of orthodox religion.

The land of the Beloved lies across the river,
yet waves of avarice have engulfed me.
The Master is holding the boat –
why do you tarry, why this delay?

O Bullah, you will surely realize the Lord;
give your heart encouragement.
The Beloved is right within you –
whom do you search for outside?
Why are you deluded in broad daylight?

Come, Friend, come to my help –
my life is steeped in troubles.

Note: Shabads are hymns or spiritual poems written by saints and mystics from different spiritual traditions of the Indian subcontinent. The shabads convey a deep message of truth and are sung with heartfelt devotion. They express the intense longing of the soul for union with the Lord. These songs of devotion are prayers that inspire the true seeker to turn inwards to contact the ultimate Truth – the inner divine music that reverberates within every being.


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