Chamak Tujse Paate Hein

Chamak tujse paate hein sab paane waale,
Mera dil bhi chamka de chamkaane waale.
All those who attain brightness attain it from You,
Brighten my heart also, O You who Brightens!

Barasta nahi dekh kar abre rehmat,
Badon par bhi barsa de barsa ne waale.
The rain of your Mercy descends on all.
Allow it to descend upon the sinners as well,
O You who Showers (his mercy upon us)!

Madine ki khitte Khuda tujh ko rakkhe,
Ghareebon faqeeron ke thehraane waale.
O areas of Madinah! May Allah keep (safeguard) you,
The shelter for the poor and needy!

Tu zinda he wallah, tu zinda he wallah,
Mere chashme aalam se chup jaane waale.
You are alive by Allah, by Allah You are Alive!
O You who is hidden away from our physical sight.

Me mujrim hu Aaqa, mujhe saath le lo,
Ke raste me he jaa baja thaane waale.
I’m a lawbreaker, O Saviour take me with you,
In the path ahead are jailors everywhere!

Haram ki zami aur qadam rakh ke chalna,
Areh sar ka moqa he o jaane waale.
The ground of Haram and we walk with our feet?
The chance of walking with the head,
O you who visits the Haram!

Tera kaye tere Ghulamo se uljhe,
He munkir ajab khaane ghurraane waale.
They eat what is Yours and cause trouble with your Servants?
How amazing are these infidels, eat and betray!

Rahega yuhi, unka charcha rahega,
Pare khaak ho jaaye jal jaane waale.
Forever shall His indestructible excellence be publicised
Whilst the jealous will burn in their jealousy to ashes

Raza nafs dushman he dum me na aana,
Kaha tumne dekha he chand raane waale.
Raza! Desire is your enemy; do not be caught in its trap.
Where have you seen those who are in pretence?


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