Haleema Main Tere Muqadran Tu Sadqe

Haleema mein terey muqadran ton sadqay
tu madni da jhoola julendee wee hosayn

Haleema (Radi Allah Anha) i envy your fate
you must have rocked the cradle of the beloved (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam)

Nee sonay da mukra noorani noorani
Tu takdee tey raeyayn choomendee wee hosayn
You must have gazed upon and kissed the illuminated face of the beloved

ey unglee na paa kay tu vayray day andar
Khuda day sajan nu turendi wee hosayn
You must have walked holding the finger of Allah’s beloved in the courtyard

Nee arshan da chan hai kilona wee jis da
Tu us bey misal noon kiden dee wee hosayn
You must have played with the incomparable one that played with the moon in the sky

Kadee naal terey nazaqat thin sona
O rusda wee hosee manen dee wee hosayn
The beloved (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) must have been emotional, become upset and you must have pleased them (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) again

Nawake sajake tey kajla wee paa kay
Tay thoddi hila kay hasen dee wee hosayn
you must have dressed them and (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) and then made them (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) laugh by twitching their (SalAllaho Alahi WaAlehi Wasalam) blessed chin


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